As many of you know, I have been working on a book about Gay Witchcraft and the Male Mysteries.  That book is now publicly available on Amazon in both ebook and paper back options!  (There’s a hyperlink below for you to follow.)

Sadly, the Male Mysteries have been largely ignored within the modern Magical Community.  For men (especially Gay men) who are seeking to explore their spirituality through the lens of Wicca or Witchcraft, the seemingly apparent hyper-focus on the Feminine can sometimes be a deterrent.

Personally speaking, that was a selling point for me.  While I was going through my own degrees, I found that feminine energy comforting.  As you will find out (if you read through my book), I had suffered a great deal at the hands of men.  The company of women has always been a safe space for me, as I’m sure it has been for many of you.

However, after my third degree, I began to feel the need to connect with the male energies, especially as they related to Gay men.  I wanted to know how Witchcraft could be expressed through a polarity that included Gay men, not as an addendum, but as a primary focus.  I didn’t want to always find myself translating the spells and the rituals out of heterosexuality so that they could be as relevant to my own life as they were to the wonderful straight witches who were (and still are) a part of my “coven family.”

That simple desire has led me on a very long journey that has brought about the publication of this book.  Hopefully “Garbed In Green: Gay Witchcraft & The Male Mysteries” will give you the resources that I craved so much during my own training.  Hopefully it will help Gay male witches appreciate themselves and their uniquely powerful relationships with each other as valuable.  Hopefully it will provide a pathway by which Gay male seekers can feel embraced by Wicca and Witchcraft so that the healing potential of this beautiful spiritual path can enrich their lives.

Above and beyond the healing potential of Witchcraft, “Garbed In Green” seeks to help Gay men reclaim their rightful place as magical workers.  (Whether you call yourself a witch, a magician, an occultist, or something else entirely does not matter.)  This brief but comprehensive work draws on research from various fields (including anthropology, history, and psychology) to help reclaim the Male Mysteries for the modern Gay witch. It reveals the core spiritual truth that Gay men were prized as magical workers, shamanic figures, and priests for our ancestors, and it argues that most of the pain and “damage” experienced by the modern Gay Community can be healed if Gay men re-embrace their natural spiritual gifts. While this book is written with the Gay male witch in mind, its wisdom is not limited to Gay men. Whether you are a Straight man, the High Priest or High Priestess of a coven, or you’re simply someone who takes an interest in the male polarity within your magical and spiritual practices, Garbed In Green can help you connect with those energies on a deeper level.

If you decide to buy the book, don’t forget to look in the back at the Contact page.  I am genuine about my desire to hear from you and to work with you on re-establishing a more robust concept of the Male Mysteries within our modern occult communities.

Thank you for giving me this opportunity to be a part of your spiritual journey.  I am sincerely humbled.

~ Casey