My name is Casey Giovinco.  I am a yoga teacher turned writer.  Time and again, I have found myself standing at the crossroads of spirituality, philosophy, and yoga.  Until the publication of my first book, “Garbed In Green,” in 2018, each road seemed like a distinct path, which required me to abandon the other two paths if I wanted to gain any measure of success.

In 2009, I was enrolled in a master’s program in Applied Ethics, studying the ethical value of seduction.  At the same time, I took the next step on my spiritual journey and entered a coven for official Wiccan clergy training.  Each day, when I attended class in my Ethics program, I was confronted with well-reasoned, logical arguments why my chosen faith was silly, absurd, or foolish.  In fact, many giants within the realms of philosophy often used tarot cards or astrology as the quintessential example of foolishness.  It made me feel like I couldn’t be a philosopher and Wiccan.  Eventually, spirituality won out, and I decided to focus all of my attention on my clergy training.

While I have been doing yoga since 1998, it wasn’t until after I received my Third Degree in Wicca, became legally recognized clergy, and enrolled in an RYT 200 yoga teacher training program that the three roads seemed to converge into one path for me.  Studying yoga at that deeper level opened up a branch of philosophy that academia has never accepted–a philosophy that includes reason, but isn’t shackled to it.  Yoga augmented my own training as a witch as well by expounding on concepts like the chakras, the power of breath in energy work, and deepening my ability to meditate.

Over the last 7 years, I have spent my professional career making the occult easily accessible for average, everyday people.  I got certified as a consulting hypnotist with the National Guild of Hypnotists.  This certification helped me help students overcome their subconscious obstacles to success both on and off the mat.  I got certified as a life coach through The Coach Training Alliance to help combine the wisdom of yoga and the rational power of philosophy with the Western Mystery Traditions in a no-nonsense, easy-to-understand format that generates results quickly for clients, and, finally, I got certified in a variety of energy healing styles (including Reiki, shamanism, and various methods within the realm of Energy Psychology) in order to give people healing who might turn down help from a witch.

Today, I apply all of those tools to help people find their place in this world.  I know how damaging it can be to wander, lost with no sense of direction.  I wouldn’t wish that on any one.  I also know that my path is not for every one.  We all have our own unique paths to walk, but if any wisdom, which I have gained through my own journey can be of use to you, I am honored to be of service.