What are the Male Mysteries?

Most people are generally familiar with the Female Mysteries.  Menstruation, childbirth, lactation, and the role of motherhood in general are all hallmarks of this deeply magical and quintessentially female experience.  However, these miracles only scratch the surface of the Female Mysteries.

Conversely, very few people have even a passing understanding of what the Male Mysteries actually are.  Because of this lack of understanding, the relatively recent trend of “Men’s Groups,” which teach confidence, leadership, commitment, or any other similar values, have been substituted for the real Male Mysteries.  While these groups certainly do a lot of good, they are not actually touching upon the Male Mysteries.

At their very core, both of the Gendered Mysteries are about recognizing the innate potential of the human body, recognizing the power that it generates, and learning how to harness that power.  They talk about the lived-experience of a spirit inhabiting a male or female body and the lessons (physical, emotional, and spiritual) that are part of that incarnation for that spirit.  The Male Mysteries address those issues through the lens of the male body, the Female Mysteries do the exact same thing on the opposite end of the spectrum.


Male Mysteries & Gay Men:

The best way to see what I mean is to look at the Male Mysteries through the lens of Gay men.  Gay male relationships are notoriously short-lived by comparison to comparable Straight relationships.  Even Gay men recognize this fact.  Most people (including a lot of Gay men) blame the fickleness or shallowness of Gay men for this unfortunate condition.

The truth is, it’s not Gay men’s fault!

The fleeting nature of Gay relationships is easily explained for those who understand the body’s energetic anatomy.  Within the modern Western Mystery Traditions, there is a theory that talks about the female being magnetic and the male being electric.  The magnetic pulls in, whereas the electric repels.

Consider for a moment that Lesbian relationships coalesce faster than any other relationships.  Straight relationships (having a strong magnetic presence in the woman involved) generally tend to have more stamina than most other relationships.  (That may also be because they are better institutionalized than the other relationships, but I digress.)  Finally, consider Gay male relationships.

The average Gay male relationship lasts no more than 1.5 years.  The relationships start out hot and heavy.  You can practically feel the electricity when things go right.  However, very shortly, once the “sparks have died down,” the entire thing is over.  A few men may try to push past the doldrums of monotony, but most just bail for bigger and better things … or so it seems.

The reality is that something really powerful is happening here (energetically speaking), and, getting a taste of it, Gay men “get hooked.”  Unfortunately, because our society says that magic isn’t real, and because we have spent centuries denying the fact that energy exists, most people (Gay men included) don’t know how to manipulate the energy of the situations they find themselves in to their benefit.  They aren’t taught how to take that initial “spark” and kindle it into a lasting fire.

The Male Mysteries teach Gay men what is actually going on with their unique connection.  They teach Gay men how to navigate the rougher parts of the energetic currents they are involved in.  By teaching energetic anatomy in connection to the male body and the basics of energy work in general, the Male Mysteries help Gay men reclaim their power individually and succeed at finally connecting with each other in meaningful and lasting ways.